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Is Assisted Suicide Coming to Michigan?

Physician-assisted suicide—or “Death with Dignity” (a euphemism preferred by its proponents)—is a threat in our state yet again. In December of 2023, a package of bills (SB 678-681) was introduced in the Michigan State Senate to legalize the dangerous practice of allowing doctors to prescribe lethal doses of drugs to their patients for the purpose of committing suicide.

Is this the first-time “Death with Dignity” advocates have tried to legalize physician-assisted suicide in Michigan?

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surgeon general everett koop

With appreciation, we remember Koop

Prolife people needed to speak out about life!

Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop died on February 25, 2013. Although he was a national figure for many reasons, prolifer people will best remember him for his book and film “Whatever Happened to the Human Race?” The project was co-authored with the late Francis Schaeffer in 1979. Those excellent resources about the value of human life are still relevant and available at Right to Life of Michigan’s Educational Resource Centers for library loan. Visit a resource center near you and borrow prolife books, DVDs and fetal development models. Let’s carry on Koop’s legacy and continue to educate others on the dignity of human life.