Thanks for your visit to our website. As the Ingham County affiliate for Right to Life of Michigan, we are a local, volunteer organization committed to restoring and preserving respect for innocent human life in our laws and culture.

We are ordinary folk from all walks of life working to create a just society through education, legislation and political action, We invite you to join us in our cause.

Focus on Life Dinner 2019: Restoring a Tradition

Monday, November 4, 2019
Doors open at 6:00 p.m., dinner & program at 6:30 p.m., with concurrent Silent Auction.
Kellogg Center, at MSU
Online registration | Printable flyer and registration form

In years past, Right to Life of Ingham County had a proud tradition of sponsoring one of the largest prolife dinners in Michigan. Hundreds upon hundreds would attend this packed-house annual benefit gala. That tradition has faltered in recent years, but the Board of RTLIC has made a new commitment to restore this inspiring event. Our RTLIC President, Ed Rivet, has a simple motto for every Ingham County prolifer, “Do the one thing for the prolife movement you are called to do and… come to the dinner.” Everyone can come to the dinner.

Tickets are $45, Table of 8: discounted to $320. Tickets can be purchased via our website or call 517-230-4661.

Our Keynote Speaker: Monica Miller, PhD is a pioneer of the prolife movement who has worked tirelessly to expose the horror of abortion and the reprehensible practices of the abortion industry. Her acclaimed autobiographical book, Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars, offers profound insights on the abortion issue.

In 2010, when the bodies of 17 aborted babies were found in a dumpster outside a Lansing-area abortion clinic, Dr. Miller’s expertise was immediately sought. She was part of a team that led to an attorney general’s investigation and the closing of that clinic. She was also the driving force behind one of the most impactful days in Lansing’s prolife movement. Over 1,000 people attended a funeral, vehicle procession and cemetery service organized by Dr. Miller for the 17 babies who were found.

We Will Ban Dismemberment Abortions – Sign & Circulate the Petition!

Every day in Michigan, five unborn children die by means of the gruesome abortion procedure called Dilation & Evacuation (“D&E”). Performed between 14 and 23 weeks of gestation, the child is literally torn limb by limb from his mother’s womb.

The Michigan House and Senate each passed a bill this spring to outlaw Dismemberment Abortions. But our proabortion governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has threatened to veto it. In response, Right to Life of Michigan has launched a statewide petition drive to bypass the governor and bring an initiated law back to the Legislature. If prolife citizens gather enough signatures, and a majority of the Legislature votes in favor, it becomes law without the governor and it does not go to the ballot.

We must collect 400,000 signatures statewide in 180 days. The drive began on June 26 and our RTLIC signature goal is 12,000. Anyone at least 18 years old can be a petition circulator. Catholic, Lutheran and Assembly of God denominations have endorsed this effort. Churches can conduct signature gathering after services, during events, etc.

To obtain petitions, contact the RLM Legislative Office at 517-487-3376 or RTLIC President, Ed Rivet, at 517-230-4661, or use the form on the reverse. For complete information on the petition drive visit

Judge Brett Kavanaugh nominated to fill vacancy on U.S. Supreme Court

With Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring, the U.S. Supreme Court is losing its most frequent “swing” justice. President Trump nominated circuit court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to take his place. Kavanaugh describes his judicial philosophy as following laws, not making them. Another fair justice would tip the scale farther towards letting voters have a say on abortion laws. The abortion industry believes Roe v. Wade itself is at stake.


Does Destroying the Unborn Make Us Richer?

Chelsea Clinton thinks so. In her statement at a pro-Roe v. Wade rally, she claimed that women who entered the workforce because of Roe v. Wade have added three and a half trillion dollars to our economy. Setting aside the horrifying moral implications for a moment, her economic statement is simply false. The killing of our future generations through abortion has already begun to destroy our future, at the cost of our moral authority.