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“Over 25 years ago the pro-life movement warned all who would listen that if abortions were not stopped, it would eventually lead to the killing of the elderly and infirm at the other end.”

Right to Life of Michigan opposes all attempts to legalize or condone euthanasia. While once commonly understood as “mercy killing,” the term “euthanasia” now encompasses acts from lethal injection, to “assisting” in suicide, to withholding basic levels of care from non-terminal patients. In all cases of euthanasia, the action or omission is expressly intended to cause the death of a person.

By contrast, Right to Life of Michigan supports the tradition which allows persons suffering from a terminal illness to die naturally. Under this centuries-old ethic, patients are not obligated to use extraordinary or heroic medical treatment that would only prolong the dying process. Ordinary care and treatment should be provided to all patients to sustain their daily needs and comfort. When a person has clearly reached their “last understand to be fully human; i.e., the comatose, the physically disabled, the mentally impaired, the infant.